Information about INVESTEUR


STARTUP BUILDING is tough, trust us, we know.
We are here to make it easier.

What we do

Our mission is to grow your startup by guiding founders real-time through the different stages of development and funding. We track your progress, determine next steps and find you the help you need to go forward.

How Investeur was born

Robin Teurlings started Investeur after winning third price with his pitch at Startup Weekend Singapore and registered Teur Pte Ltd August 2016. During Investeurs' entrepreneurial journey we discovered that progressing and funding are two large and interlinked challenges for many entrepreneurs that needed improving. Thus we set out to find a solution to make that easier for Startups.


Robin, a Dutch native, came to Singapore to start his entrepreneurial career. He left his long-held job at ING bank knowing he can make a bigger impact starting something out in Asia. At the moment of writing, he was joined by Irvin Teo who is also director, Denny Huang as our senior developer and Desmond Ho our summer intern.

What we offer

Startup app -

Are you in ideation stage, did you already register or is the prototype ready to go? Based on your startup profile we help you determine your next steps and what help to get. In 5 minutes your company profile is set-up and you are good to go with real time Investeur startup help to guide you through your startup journey.

Startup marketplace -

Are you a startup or SME founder, make a request for funding, MVP development, marketers or a mentor. Does your company offer funding, developers or other startup services, list your offerings. First, sign up. Then you are all set! Making a listing is explained under "How it works" and if you need help, we are happy to guide you. Just send an email to


In case you have a specific question and need hands-on help or just want to brainstorm, send us an email. We are very happy to meet, talk about your companies goals and based on that make an offer for our consulting. Everything is confidential, of course.

All the best in your journey and give us a spin!